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Tom Hume

I guess one win is that interfaces across Orange handsets start to get consistency... While this is probably more a win for Orange than most of their customers, it does mean that next time I upgrade there's at least some of the phone interface that's immediately familiar.

What bugs me about the HomeScreen stuff is that you can't turn it off, and it eats a reasonable chunk of memory. I actually like the new UI, but if I don't want it there, that's a decision I should be able to make.

abercrombie and fitch

where is the dog???

Abercrombie And Fitch Unitedkingdom

I do not understand the appeal of this clothing brand AT ALL. Believe it or not, I didn't know anything about A&F until very recently. Maybe because I've been out of school for a while... maybe because the high school I went to was a working class one[abercrombie n fitch]. But I recently started going back to school (transfered to a top UC campus) and noticed that a large percentage of the student body proudly sport clothing adorned with the A&F logo. I'm puzzled by the fact that many of the students who wear the brand are Asians. I mean, the company clearly idealizes the Aryan aesthetic.

trench burberry

I do not understand the appeal of this clothing brand AT ALL

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