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Tomi Ahonen

Hi Mark

Thanks for the posting. Yes, we look at the impacts of digitally connected communities to all of business, but with a strong focus on the mass media, advertising and branding areas. So we spend a good amount of the book on TV, newsprint, and of course new media. There is plenty of other industries though, from automobiles to aerospace ha-ha, so its not only a branding/advertising book. Let us know what you think of it. And can't wait for your book to be released.

Dominate !

Tomi Ahonen


Great stuff.

I am just wondering why there is not link to their blog in your blogpost...


Thanks Adriana - simply because I did not know it was up! I also realise I must get round to doing a list of links to other blogs....over Easter!


Communities Change Brands talks about wireless networks in a fascinating way which envisages near-future utopian ideals, but the look of it.

Here is an award winning near-future utopia which takes the wireless revolution to one potential blossoming. The story's called Goddesses, by Linda Nagata. Set in Southern India and the Midwest simultaneously it shows a community of friends strive to improve the world using wireless, and sometimes even win a little ground...

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